CSL test suite -- citeproc-js migration

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CSL test suite -- citeproc-js migration

The migration of citeproc-js from BitBucket to GitHub is complete, and
some basic documentation is online:


It's not yet in the docs, but the processor now carries parser modules
internally, and should invoke the correct module for the style and
locale objects it receives. Here is a brief rundown:

* Recognized inputs for citeproc.js are:
  - Serialized XML
  - Pre-parsed JSON
  - Pre-parsed JavaScript objects

* E4X objects _can_ be handled by citeproc_with_e4x.js, but you will
need to search for "load" in the source, and set the pathname for the
xmle4x.js module.

* Style and locale inputs need to be presented in a consistent form:
mixing serialized XML and XML DOM won't work (for example). This could
be implemented without too much trouble if there is demand for it, but
for the present, things need to be uniform.

* I would recommend serialized XML as the preferred form for style and
locale input, since it runs faster than the DOM-based parsers and has
no dependencies. (For serialized XML, the processor invokes an
internal parser on the string, and treats it as parsed JSON

That's it for now -- if you run into snags or have comments on the new
kit, don't hesitate etc.


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