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Filter by locale in Zotero Style Repository

Sebastian and I would like to see the ability to filter by locale in the Zotero Style Repository (see ). Now that the code for the repository is up at, I might even try coding it, if Dan agrees to a specific solution.

With regard to the implementation, maybe we could have a dropdown menu with the following options:

Style language:
"Any" (default)

Some thoughts:
- I'm not completely sure what to do with styles without a default-locale attribute. We could either give them their own label ("International"/"No set language"?), or just group them with the English styles (we could modify the label in the latter case, e.g. "English/International").
- We could show the style count as part of the label, e.g. ("French (29)"). Anybody for or against?
- We currently sometimes include a language description in the style title, e.g. "(German)" in This is a bit ugly, but is handy when searching for styles, and useful for distinguishing variants like "Chicago Manual of Style (author-date, German)" and Chicago Manual of Style (author-date)", so I'd like to keep it that way.
- I think we should limit the amount of menu entries to prevent the menu from becoming too unwieldy. For many languages we only have a few styles anyway. The current count, for the independent styles:

Styles tested: 718
default-locale values:
"en-US": 439
"en-GB": 129
"no default-locale": 64
"de-DE": 22
"fr-FR": 16
"fr": 14
"pt-BR": 8
"es-ES": 4
"de": 3
"zh-CN": 3
"cs-CZ": 2
"de-AT": 2
"ru-RU": 2
"da-DK": 1
"en": 1
"it-IT": 1
"eu": 1
"sv-SE": 1
"de-CH": 1
"tr-TR": 1
"lt-LT": 1
"sk-SK": 1
"sp": 1 (Vienna Legal; I already asked the author about this)



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