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Fwd: [Bibdesk-users] references and bibliographies

James Howison
here's a sorting example I haven't heard of before.  He doesn't say  
which journal it is for though.

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> From: Denis Chabot <[hidden email]>
> Date: November 29, 2005 10:31:21 AM EST
> To: Mailing List TeX <[hidden email]>
> Cc: [hidden email]
> Subject: [Bibdesk-users] references and bibliographies
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> Hi,
> I apologize for posting on two lists at once, but I think both are  
> appropriate for this question related to the bibliography of an  
> article. Using "makebst" I made a style for the journal where I  
> intend to submit. But "makebst" did not allow me to discriminate  
> between the sorting of references in the reference list or to in-
> text citations (in author-year format). I need these to be  
> different: references listed in the bibliography must be in  
> alphabetical order at a first level, then for multiple references  
> by the first author, papers with a single author should be listed  
> first in chronological order, followed by references where the same  
> author is first author, and those are also sorted chronologically.
> I chose
> %<<ORDERING OF REFERENCES (if author-year citations)
> %   %: (def) Alphabetical by all authors
>    seq-lab,%: By label (Jones before Jones and James before Jones  
> et al)
> % seq-key,%: By label and cite key instead of label and title, as  
> above
> %  seq-yr,%: Year ordered and then by authors (for publication lists)
> % seq-yrr,%: Reverse year ordered and then by authors (most recent  
> first)
> % seq-no,%: Citation order (unsorted, only meaningful for numericals)
> %------\ans=l(==seq-lab)-------
> and it seems to work (at least I have not encountered an exception  
> that broke this rule in this short paper).
> But this setting influences both the order of references in the  
> bibliography and in the text, whereas I need multiple in-text  
> citations to be sorted chronologically.
> Is it possible to specify a different sorting order for citations,  
> possibly "no sorting" (I'd have to sort them manually) or  
> preferably a sorting of my choice?
> Here is an example:
> "...in older specimens \citep{Gudger1935, Wheeler1969,  
> Nickerson1978, Scott1988, Collette2002}."
> I need:
> "...in older specimens (Gudger & Firth 1935; Wheeler 1969;  
> Nickerson 1978; Scott & Scott 1988; Collette & Klein-MacPhee 2002).
> What I get instead is:
> "...in older specimens (Collette & Klein-MacPhee 2002; Gudger &  
> Firth 1935; Nickerson 1978; Scott & Scott 1988; Wheeler 1969).
> The bibliography is sorted correctly:
> Collette, B. B. & G. Klein-MacPhee. 2002...
> Gudger, E. W. & F. E. Firth. 1935...
> Nickerson, J. T. R. 1978...
> Scott, W. B. & M. G. Scott. 1988...
> Wheeler, A. C. 1969.
> Thanks in advance,
> Denis Chabot
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Re: Fwd: [Bibdesk-users] references and bibliographies

Bruce D'Arcus-3
James Howison wrote:
> here's a sorting example I haven't heard of before.  He doesn't say
> which journal it is for though.

If I understand right, he's just asking for an option not to sort the
citation. I don't think it makes much sense myself, but it's not hard to