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Joel Hendriks

When I was checking the Dutch translations on Transifex for Zotero I
noticed some minor inconsistency with some of the translations that were
made earlier on. But I also noticed that some words could be better
translated on the CSL localization.

Right now I am discussing with Rintze about what would be the best
translation for ‘issue’ and ‘edition’. That is how I came up to this

A lot of newspapers, magazines and journals use year/number to identify
a single finished product by the creators; which can get reproduced many
times depending on the kind of material. I argued that this could be
seen as: volume/issue. Rintze argued that ‘issue’ should be called (in
dutch) ‘number’. I think there is something to say for both. So, what’s

Scenario 1:
We stick to a strict explanation like the way it is written in the
specification right now:

(container) edition holding the item (e.g. ">>>3<<<" when citing a
chapter in the >>>third<<< edition of a book)
(container) issue holding the item (e.g. ">>>5<<<" when citing a journal
article from journal volume 2, issue >>>5<<<)
(container) volume holding the item (e.g. "2" when citing a chapter from
book volume 2)

Which would also mean that the description of >>volume<< should be
altered to let it say something like it does on Wikipedia
[ (bibliography)]: “The term is also
used as an identifier for a sequence of periodicals, generally based on
a single calendar year. However, a school magazine might start each new
volume at the beginning of the academic year, or at the beginning of
each term/semester. Thus, all issues published in the Nth term or year
will be classified under the Nth volume."

Scenario 2:
We add a new >>date<< variable called >issued-year< to make a clear
distinction between >>issued<< and >issued-year<.
We add a new >>locator<<  called >number< or alter the definition of the
variable >>number<<.

What is your opinion on this?

Note, I did not write this to discuss or discredit the work of Rintze,
it is just that I think CSL can be improved by clearing this up.

With kind regards / Met vriendelijke groeten,

Joël Hendriks

Traverse 68
5361 TG  Grave (The Netherlands)
[hidden email]
(+31) 06-41397761

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