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Bruce D'Arcus-3
On Jul 5, 2005, at 8:02 AM, David Wilson wrote:

> They (MODS examples) use a code type on place/placeTerm code that was
> being displayed and I turned it off with
>  <xdoc:doc>DNW Not not display place code type.</xdoc:doc>
>  <xsl:template match="mods:place/mods:placeTerm[@type='code']">
>  <xsl:apply-templates select="mods:nonmatch"/>
>  </xsl:template>
>  <xdoc:doc>DNW </xdoc:doc>
>  (I used nonmatch because I could work out how else to set 'do
> nothing')

Actually, you can do on the main place template [not(@type='code')].

> Thus I get a bracket (...) if there is any of Location, Publisher or
> Date is present. The problem is I sometimes get empty () because
> orignInfo sometimes has some non displaying elements so it still
> preforms the suffix/prefix insert eg from the mixed media example -
>  <originInfo>
>  <place>
>  <placeTerm authority="marccountry" type="code">mau</placeTerm>
>  </place>

Right, because there IS a place, but just not in the form we support.
So the problem is with placeTerm handling (and, um, MARC/MODS),

> The <title font-style="italic"/> in the csl file is not working. I
> have no idea.

This I don't understand, as my example here shows italics:

> I have looked at the date problem (not appearing in the container for
> chapter and article examples. The XPATH staments seem to be correct (I
> have tested them) maybe the fault is the date format code?

Probably. What do the dates look like that aren't being rendered?

> <!-- DNW added supplement type to detail NOT WORKING ??? -->
>  <xsl:template match="mods:detail[@type='supplement']">
>  <xsl:param name="prefix"/>
>  <xsl:param name="suffix"/>
>  <xsl:variable name="type" select="@type"/>
>  <span class="supplement">
>  <xsl:value-of select="$prefix"/>
>  <xsl:value-of
> select="$locators/cs:locator[@unit=$type]/cs:renderas/cs:single"/>
>  <xsl:value-of select="mods:caption"/>
>  <xsl:value-of select="mods:number"/>
>  <xsl:value-of select="$suffix"/>
>  </span>

I'll look at this later, though I thought I already added this to the
release version.