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> Hello all,
> Now that citeproc-py also runs on Python 2.6+ thanks to the  
> contributions
> of Matthew Brett, I've decided to make a first citeproc-py release,  
> 0.1.0.
> You can find a source archive and a Windows installer at PyPI
> ( or install citeproc-py  
> using
> easy_install or pip. I should note that the examples are not  
> included in
> the distribution packages, so you should head over to the GitHub page
> ( to see how to use citeproc-
> py.
> I hope the Python 2 compatibility and the availability of easily
> installable packages make citeproc-py accessible to a broader  
> audience.

Excellent news Brecht. Many thanks, especially for making it available  
for Python 2.x.

I am working on getting citeproc-py used in the Gramps open source  
genealogy project. Having citeproc available for python 2 is a big  
bonus because although Gramps is intended to be python 2/3 compatible  
in the latest version, almost no-one is actually using python 3 in any  
day to day way at the moment.

Tim Lyons.

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