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Bruce D'Arcus
On Feb 28, 2005, at 3:41 AM, Vincent Thornley wrote:

> I have a slightly different requirement, that may be covered by what
> you
> write above. In writing a large document (e.g. a thesis or book) I
> would
> like to list references at the end of each chapter, and then
> consolidate all
> those references at the end of the work.

I'd like this too.

> There are some complications to this. If an Author-Year citation
> system is
> employed it must be ensured that consistent postscripts (e.g. Thornley,
> 2005a; Thornley, 2005b) are used throughout. If a numbered citation
> system
> is employed the numbering would have to be consistent throughout

If the formatting system is designed correctly this isn't a problem.
The XSLT system I am currently working on was started for a quite
pragmatic purpose: to format my book.  That book is just a bunch of
separate chapter files assembled exactly like a master document system
would be.

The only possible wrinkle is that I don't know how OOo deals with
master documents internally.