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Re: [xml-dev] integrating complex XSLT-based formatting; OOo styling system?

Bruce D'Arcus
Frédéric wrote:

> In that case, isn't easier to say ?
> <i class="title">A title</i>
> Your title is still italic without a css linking, class is purely
> semantic, and someone could override your italic choice with his css,
> what is not possible with @style="font-style: italic" (there's so much
> different biblio citation format).

Let me explain more fully how this system works on the styling front:

There is an XML styling file, a fragment of which would look like:

<reftype name="article">
    <title font-style="italic" font-weight="bold">
     <suffix>, </suffix>

The XSLT uses that file as the basis on which to transform the bib
data.  So, if a user wants to change rendering of titles, they will
change it in the style file and regenerate the formatting; not locally.
  Your approach does make some sense; I'll think about it some more.

> You can evaluate my opinion here
> <>

Did you just produce this based on my questions, or were you doing this

> I know things like MARC21, MODS, UNIMARC, BiblioML, the bibliographic
> models of Docbook and TEI, and my job is XSL/JAVA.

We're using MODS.