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citation structure

Bruce D'Arcus-3
Am busy, but worked a little more on the XSLT (nothing on the schema
yet).  Here's what you wanted Johan?

       <cs:citation cs:delimiter=";" text:prefix="(" text:suffix=")">
          <cs:multiple-authors cs:position="first" cs:min-authors="6"
cs:use-first="6">et al.</cs:multiple-authors>
          <cs:multiple-authors cs:position="subsequent"
cs:min-authors="6" cs:use-first="1">et al.</cs:multiple-authors>
          <cs:layout cs:position="first">
             <cs:point text:prefix=": "/>

I still need to make sure this doesn't cause other problems if I make
this change.

Any thoughts on how to handle customization of the shorten attribute

<bibliography author-as-sort-order="all" author-shorten="yes">

Right now the "———." is hard-coded, and that needs to change.