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locale files - Part IV

Paulo Ney de Souza
And here my final wish on the locale files - for it to contain a bit more of metadata about the file itself, including:

 * the language name in English
 * the locale name itself
 * the ISO 639-1 2 letter code for the language, if it exists
 * the ISO 639-2 3 letter code for the language, if it exists
 * the script used (Latin, Cyrillic, ...)
 * the encoding (ascii, utf8, ...)
 * Name and possibly contact information for main authors of the file

The code would make it easier to parse the file and import the information elsewhere, while the contact info would allow for the solution of some issues connected with the translations- after all the man page for "ls" has the names of the author even today! Not to mention that the license used on those files require attribution.

Paulo Ney

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