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new internationalization support

Bruce D'Arcus
FYI, I added some features related to internationalization to CSL.  One
was the previously discussed date handling, and the second is related
to locators such as page numbers.   Here's an example of the first:

     <dates abbreviate-month-with=".">
<! -- maybe should remove the above attribute and make people type in
punctuation?? -->
         <month number="1">Jan</month>
         <month number="2">Feb</month>
         <month number="3">Mar</month>
         <month number="4">Apr</month>
         <month number="5">May</month>
         <month number="6">Jun</month>
         <month number="7">Jul</month>
         <month number="8">Aug</month>
         <month number="9">Sep</month>
         <month number="10">Oct</month>
         <month number="11">Nov</month>
         <month number="12">Dec</month>

... and the second:

       <locator unit="page">
       <locator unit="paragraph">


I'm still mulling the possibility to switch back to attributes for
punctuation and such, so that I could do:

        <name suffix=" ">Anonymous</name>

.. where the content becomes the fallback.  Need to think about whether
that's a good idea some more.