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Bruce D'Arcus
Sending to the list ...

On Mar 29, 2005, at 10:18 AM, M. David Peterson wrote:

> Have you checked anything into the IP-based repository?

No, just the old one (easier).  I just checked in changes to the
samples that help to better show the problems with tickets 1 and 3.  It
does show your fix for 3 mostly works.  However, this (from

Some more citations: (Thrift, 1990; Tilly, 2000, Tilly, 2002; Times,
2001). And now, a citation [1].

  (C.S., 2001; Newsweek, 2000a)

  (Newsweek, 2000b)

... should be ultimately (when 1 and 3 are both fixed):

Some more citations: (Thrift, 1990; Tilly, 2000, 2002; Times, 2001).
And now, a citation [1].

  (Tremblay v. Quebec (Attorney General), 2001; Newsweek, 2000a)

  (Newsweek, 2000b)

And in the reference list, where there is more than one author in a
group, then all after the first should (with a parameter option) be
replaced with three em-dashes and period; e.g.:

Newsweek ...
———. ...

This is another thing that used to work in the past, but doesn't now.

Also, note that I need to fix the MODS record for the legal case, as
the parenthesis content really shouldn't be in the citation.  Still, I
didn't want to confuse you.